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To Have and To Hold

Introducing our "To Have and To Hold" Collection!

Our three-part charm series is now available to our brides. Receive the first charm at our first meeting. The second and the third follow so you complete your collection in time to cherish it on your wedding day.

To Have and To Hold Collection

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Here's a window into some of our past events and the beautiful people we've worked with.


The Amy's Cherished Events team focuses on a superior client experience along with tremendous value as we help execute your Cherished Event, whether it's a shower, wedding, anniversary, or birthday. Our goal is to keep you coming back over your lifetime of celebrations and events.

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I founded Amy's Cherished Events after my daughter, Ashley, got married. My Cherished Events team represents years of experience in the wedding industry. Each member of my team is hand-chosen and excellent. We all have a heart for service and an eye for design. Together, we will make your dreams for your event a reality!

This is my family in the fall of 2018. They inspire me!

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Founder Amy Walz


We offer a great variety of rates and packages. We find it most helpful to suggest the best package for you once we know your event details.

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Event coordinators are a valuable addition to your most Cherished Events. An article, The 5 Major Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Planner, presents six valuable points explaining how important event coordinators can be. They say that planners:

  • Respect established budgets;
  • Will fight for your dream event and make sure others respect your wishes;
  • Absorb your stress;
  • Help you qualify for discounts you won't get on your own;
  • Efficiently manage flipping your space from ceremony to reception; and
  • Manage your entire event, not just one part of it.